CaronHi, I am Caron.  Treadmills are not just for men; women love walking, jogging, and running on them for health benefits too.  Because we are extremely health conscious as a society today, many people are looking for ways to build muscle, lose weight, tone the body, and develop strength.

A treadmill at home is preferred by many people to save money and time going back and forth to a gym or fitness center.

The best rated treadmills give you the ideal cardio exercise, plus it helps with blood circulation issues in the legs.  Heart rate is improved and so is breathing.  I used it for leg issues and burning calories.

No other machine will do this for you.  However, the stationary bike is popular for working muscles as well, yet will not do what this machine can do.  You can burn 700 to 865 calories in an hour during a workout on this exceptionally built equipment.

When I can’t get outdoors due to stormy weather, this is the best way to achieve my goals.  The best folding treadmills can be purchased for under $300 and up.  You don’t need mountains, hills, and valleys—the best incline treadmills will achieve going up hills for you at different degrees of slope.

The best treadmills for running are reviewed by me for you to find the best rated home treadmill that’s right for you.

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